Morocco’s high season (November to March) sees temperatures averaging just under 20 degrees celcius, with December the coldest month of the year. Hotel prices are at their highest during this period, peaking over the Christmas holidays, and Marrakesh gets busy during Christmas and the New Year. The High Atlas mountains are snowbound, deterring all but the hardiest of (experienced) trekkers, whilst the Sahara Desert can get very cold at night.


The shoulder season (April, May, September & October) is the best time to visit Morocco. Marrakesh isn’t too hot, and the climate in the High Atlas mountains is lovely, so this a perfect time to go trekking. It’s also the optimum time to visit the south, which is just too hot or too cold during the rest of the year. Easter can be popular (and pricey) but not restrictively so; otherwise, there are less tourists and consequently lower prices, making the May half term a great time to visit. Check dates for Ramadan, as this can affect travel plans.


Morocco’s low season (June to August) is a lovely time to go trekking in the mountains, but elsewhere in the country the weather is against you – temperatures in the Sahara are extreme over the summer, regularly reaching 45 degrees, and whilst city medinas at least have plenty of shade, it is generally still too hot for any serious sightseeing.